Epsilon Registration Releases Promotion Code Feature

BALTIMORE, MD – November 4, 2010 – Epsilon Registration, provider of meeting registration technology and services, today announced the release of version 4.2 of its ERegtm online registration software, which includes an enhanced promotion code feature.

The new software allows meeting planners and marketers to offer special promotional discounts to specific customers or groups of customers. Promotional discounts can be either dollar amounts or percentages, and are controlled by promotion codes, also known as discount codes or coupon codes. Planners can create an unlimited number of promotion codes and can control their use by limiting the number of uses or by placing other criteria on their use. By setting the number of uses to one, the codes act like coupons that are turned in when redeemed and cannot be used again.

“This new feature gives meeting marketers yet another tool to boost attendance and improve their bottom line,” said Pornwadee Karow, managing member of the company. “In these times, our clients are looking for more ways to improve their results, and we are there to help them.”

The new software is now available to all existing and future clients, at no extra charge. Meeting planners can manage their own promotion codes, creating new promotion codes at any time. They also have 24-hour access to reports that show which promotion codes or coupon codes have been used and the amounts of discounts given, in addition to all of the other reports offered by the ERegtm software. The discount codes can be tied to a specific meeting or can be made available for use at any of the client’s meetings, if they put on several meetings a year – this feature can save planners of multiple meetings a lot of extra work, since they will not have to enter codes again and again for each meeting they put on.

Epsilon makes this software available to clients who can choose to be involved as much or as little as they like in the registration process. Epsilon can provide the full range of registration technology and services, from software only to full outsourced registration services.

Epsilon Registration is the online and onsite registration company for meetings, conferences and trade shows. Unlike other online registration services, Epsilon’s ERegtm system offers unparalleled automation, reporting and reconciliation tools, available over the Internet 24 hours a day.

For additional information on Epsilon Registration visit their Web site at http://www.EpsilonRegistration.com or call (888) 883-EREG.

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