Onsite Registration

Wow! Your check-in is so fast. Not like last year when I had to stand in line for an hour.

– Attendee from one-day conference in DC

06Attendees love our swift, efficient onsite registration process. We offer computerized check in, with either pre-printed badges or print-on-demand. We can work with your staff, with volunteers, or with professional registration clerks that we provide. Our goal is to have no lines, no delays and ensure your attendees the best first impression possible.

If you have your own pre-registration under control, but need help with the onsite, we can do it. We can import your pre-registration data into our onsite system and take it from there, providing pre-printed or print-on-demand badges and superior customer service.

  • Software optimized for rapid onsite operations
  • Fast on-demand badge printing
  • Pre-printed badges
  • Assembly of registration packets, including tickets, etc.
  • Supervision of your staff or ours
  • Onsite registration with secure e-commerce
  • Self-service “kiosk” registration
  • Real-time attendance reporting