Solutions for Banquets

Our chapters love your banquet seating so much that they want to use it themselves. Before, it used to take forever to get our attendees into the room and seated so we could start the program.

– meeting planner from NFRW

AwardsBanquetIn addition to the common registration functions, Epsilon Registration provides several features of special interest to planners of banquets. Group registrations, seat assignments, personalized tickets and online information collection.

Reasons assigned seating may be right for your banquet:

  • Keep schedule on time – If you have a large number of people for a banquet and want them seated quickly, assigned seating is the way to go. With an assigned seat, the attendee is goal directed to find their seat. Without an assignment, they may wander around, looking for friends, trying to “hold” seats, and changing places numerous times.
  • Recognition of sponsors – Another major reason for assigned seats is for recognition of sponsors or VIPs. People, especially sponsors, love to see their own name in print. Assign a sponsor’s people all to one table and put a sign with the sponsor’s name on that table.
  • Increased sales – Frequently, the prestige and excitement associated with an award winner will cause the winner’s company to buy a whole table and bring the whole staff or department to cheer them on.
  • Increased income – Multiple pricing tiers for better locations
  • Special treatment for VIPs – You can honor your VIPs, big donors and other important attendees by assigning them to seats right up front with the best view or access.

Services Epsilon Registration can provide for banquets:

  • Online registration
  • Full table sales at discounted prices
  • Group discounts
  • Seat assignments
  • Table assignments on badge
  • Personalized tickets
  • Online collection of nominations
  • Unique badge designs