Solutions: Public Participation / Town Hall Meetings

You have really gone the extra mile to get us going on a very tight time schedule. For registration at our large events, we consider ERegtm to be the technology standard.

– AmericaSpeaks

CitizenSummit3OnsitePublic Participation / Town Hall Meetings in some cases involve large numbers of people all meeting at the same time at the same place. For these, getting representative mixes of people signed up can be critical to success. Also, getting a large number of people checked in and seating quickly is essential. Epsilon has handled such meetings with up to 6,000 participants. We have experience with both pre-assigned seating, and with at table check-in on attendees.

  • Online registration
  • Demographic reporting and balancing
  • Seating assignments
  • Onsite registration
  • Onsite self registration
  • Real-time attendance reporting
  • Post-event surveys