Awards Banquets

Your system not only proved to be very cost effective, but solved a lot of headaches. We had a lot of people tied up with registrations for our events, but now they are freed up for other, more important tasks.

– Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, The Daily Record

AwardsBanquet2Awards banquets come with some special challenges; in addition to marketing the event and processing registrations, there is the question of how to handle attendees at the event in an efficient manner. Assigned seating has been found to reduce the time required to get everyone seated dramatically. Epsilon’s banquet seating software makes it easy to assign seats and keep your event on schedule.

  • Graphic floor plan allows for easy assignments
  • Quickly move all people from one table to another
  • Software prevents double assignments and lost attendees
  • Full table purchases automatically assigned
  • Random assignment feature can promote attendee interaction
  • Table assignments printed on badges
  • Reports of assignments by table, name, company