Green Meetings

BlueMarbleYour communications, registration and marketing activities are a chance for you to make a difference for the good of the planet. Using new media and electronic delivery methods can also save you a bundle. Environmentally responsible meetings are not only good for the earth, they’re great for business. Planning a green meeting gives you the competitive edge, a great reputation, and can save you time and money in the process.

What is a Green Meeting or Event?

A green meeting or event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize its negative impact on the environment.

What are the Benefits of Green Meetings & Events?

  • The Economic Bottom Line – Green Meetings & Events Can Save Money. Planning and executing a green meeting isn’t just about being environmentally responsible, they can have economic benefits for the event organizer. In fact, many of the minimum recommended guidelines in the Green Meetings Report can actually save money. For example, collecting name badge holders for reuse at an event of 1300 attendees can save approximately $975 for the event organizer.
  • The Environmental Bottom Line – Green Meetings & Events are Good for the Environment. Using recycled materials, recycling materials used, reusing items and reducing materials used can significantly lessen the environmental impact an event has. For example, if a five-day event serves 2200 people breaks, breakfasts, lunches and receptions using china instead of plastic disposables, it prevents 1,890 lbs. of plastic from going into a landfill. That’s nearly one ton! Another example is by not pre-filling water glasses at banquet tables during three days of served lunches for 2200 attendees; 520 gallons of water can be saved.**Information provided by Meeting Strategies Worldwide

Source: Convention Industry Council’s Green Meetings Task Force

How can Epsilon Registration Help?

Epsilon Registration can help you help the environment. We can help you reduce the amount of paper used and improve on recycling of materials.

To help you go paperless, we can supply:

  • Conference Web site
  • Online registration
  • Email confirmation
  • Web marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Electronic conference materials
  • Electronic speaker’s notes
  • Lightning-fast onsite check-in to avoid pre-mailing badges and registration packages

To help improve recycling we can:

  • Supply compostable badge holders
  • Collect badge holders for re-use
  • Use recycled registration materials