Epsilon Registration Introduces Software for Charity Auctions

BALTIMORE, MD – September 22, 2010 – Epsilon Registration, provider of meeting registration technology and services, today announced the release of its new charity auction support software. The software organizes all information related to silent auctions used to raise funds for charities and other non-profit organizations, allowing the organizers of such events to improve their results and make the best use of precious volunteers’ time.

Epsilon’s new software for charity auctions keeps all of the information on donors, donations and auction lots well organized and easy to obtain and manage. It automates the collection of information and payments and provides many useful reports and outputs, including typeset pages for the auction catalog and a scrolling display of winners for use onsite at the end of the auction.

“This software promises to bring charity auctions a giant step forward into the information age, allowing precious volunteers to make the best use of their time,” said Charles Karow, Epsilon’s director of operations. “The organizers and volunteers can spend their time much more productively, while the software takes care of the routine organizational tasks.”

“It saved me a lot of time,” said Tyese Thornton, silent auction committee chair for the NAF Academy Awards in Baltimore, who used the software during the beta test period. “The information was all very well organized, so I didn’t have to create my own spreadsheets.”

The new software has functions for the three major timeframes: before, during and after. Before the auction, the software automates the processing of donation pledges and donations, and creates a printed catalog and bid sheets. During the auction, there is a complete onsite support system that tracks and displays winning bids, processes payments securely and checks winners out quickly and easily. A quick and uncomplicated check out process means fewer follow ups in the days and weeks following the auction. After the auction, the Epsilon software provides reports of the unclaimed wins, the money raised and reconciliation with the bank statements. It also make it easy to send thank you notes to donors.

Epsilon make this software available over the Internet – all that is needed is a standard Web browser. There is no other software to install or maintain. The silent auction software can be used in conjunction with Epsilon’s registration and banquet seating systems, and can also be used by itself.

For more information about the new silent auction module, visit Epsilon Registration’s Web site at http://www.EpsilonRegistration.com or call (888) 883-EREG.

Epsilon Registration is the online and onsite registration company for meetings, conferences and trade shows. Unlike other online registration services, Epsilon’s EReg system offers unparalleled automation, reporting and reconciliation tools, available over the Internet 24 hours a day.

For additional information on Epsilon Registration visit their Web site at http://www.EpsilonRegistration.com or call (888) 883-EREG.

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