Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

As part of Epsilon’s goal to provide the best experience for your meeting attendees, we make every effort to accommodate those with special needs. As a result, all of Epsilon’s public-facing Web pages are fully accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 and other International standards and guidelines.

508 Compliant Registration Software

In order to be compliant, we had to comply with the following set of standards used to evaluate that our site is 508 compliant:

  • Keyboard access for mobility impaired users.
  • Color contrast for users with low vision.
  • Alternative content for visual aspects of the site so that assistive products, such as screen readers, can easily access and translate information to users.
  • Properly labeled fields in all online forms.

Epsilon’s ERegtm online registration system, originally released in 2003 under the EventRebels name, was the first online conference registration system to be fully compliant with Federal standards for accessibility to people with disabilities (commonly known as “Section 508”).

Section 508 Background

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 requires all US federal agencies to make their information technology accessible to their employees and customers with disabilities. The law also gives federal employees and members of the public the right to sue if the government agency does not provide comparable access to the information and data available to people without disabilities. Section 508 also applies to Web sites that are produced for government agencies. All state agencies that receive federal funds under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 are also required to comply with Section 508 requirements.

Please view the Section 508 government web site to see details of section 508 standards and links to resources.

About Epsilon Registration

Epsilon Registration provides the full range of services and technology for conference and trade show registration.

The ERegtm software package is an assembly of the best tools on the market for integrated processing of pre-registrations and onsite functions for conferences. It provides:

  • Online, self-service pre-registration with secure credit card payment
  • Flexible formatting and integration with existing Web sites
  • Convenient processing of mail and FAX registrations
  • Versatile collection and reporting of attendee demographics
  • Automated email and FAX invitations, confirmations and reminders
  • Great reporting tools
  • Advanced badge printing tools for both onsite and pre-print
  • Optimized onsite tools for registration, check-in and badge printing
  • Rapid re-integration of onsite data to provide complete reports
  • Self-service onsite “kiosk” registration and “on-demand” badge printing
  • Fully compliant with Section 508 standards for accessibility
  • Integrated Lead Retrieval

Epsilon Registration is offering the option of full-outsourced registration service as part of the package. We will process all registrations and payments, and provide staff and equipment for the onsite registration and check-in of all attendees.