Solutions for Virtual Meetings

 Sell tickets to your live-streamed meetings and virtual events.

  • Have you had to move your live, in-person events to online video streaming services?
  • Are you concerned about how to monetize your online meetings?
  • Do you want to preserve your revenue models or create new ones?

Now, Epsilon Registration can now help you with your virtual meetings, too. Our new VTixtm Virtual Ticketing system lets you sell non-sharable Virtual Tickets to your virtual events, and “collect” them automatically as attendees arrive. Live stream your awards ceremony, training session, or conference material and rest assured that only paid ticket holders can attend.

ERegtm VTixtm Virtual Ticketing is compatible with the world’s most popular video streaming services.

Protect Your Investment in Your Digital Content

Now, you can charge for access to your live or recorded video stream content, and your attendees cannot share their virtual tickets with anyone else. Also works with on-demand video. Fans and followers can buy tickets and participate in your exclusive events from their homes. Attendees can view your content on their desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV.

 Perfect for awards banquets, webinars, educational conferences, conventions and entertainers.

Engaging Live Events

We partner with innovative video producers, and together, we can develop an exciting and  engaging online version of your event, complete with:

  • Live video streaming of speakers’ presentations
  • Interspersed pre-recorded segments
  • Live, on-screen social media feeds from twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Live attendee questions via Zoom or social media
  • Screen sharing for live demos
  • PowerPoint slides

We can also provide our VTixtm Virtual Ticketing services for your existing video productions.

Total Control Over Branding

Control the entire branding and appearance of your registration and presentation pages for your virtual events with Epsilon’s ERegtm software. Add headers, logos, colors, fonts, graphics, background images and more. Your registration and presentation pages will match your website and brand style.

Valuable Analytics

Our reporting tells you how many people attend your virtual event, and when they arrive. You can get a list of attendees and you can see that time each one arrived to attend your virtual event.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your virtual events.