Solutions for Conferences

“You make us look good! Whenever we need registration services, we know who to call.”

– Tim Unes, ESI

Conference1 Conferences are one of our core specialties. From one-day opportunity conferences to week-long technical conferences, Epsilon Registration has the experience, technology and expertise to help get people to the conference and provide a great first impression when they arrive. Our rapid fire on-demand badge printing system has been used for one-day conferences to check in over 1,000 attendees in about an hour with little or no waiting.

Services Epsilon Registration can provide for conferences:

  • Event Web site
  • Event marketing
  • Online registration
  • Workshop registration
  • Reminder emails
  • Attendee self-service update
  • Onsite check-in and registration
  • Badge printing
  • Real-time attendance reporting
  • Distribution of proceedings and speakers’ notes
  • Preparation of video for online posting